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"Rome wasn't built in a day, but several Wet Shoelaces CDs were..."  - Confucius



Steve Gregory


"Gregory...play(s) bass, though that's sort of like saying Hendrix...played guitar"


Steve is a bassist and experimental musician from upstate NY.  His main band is Uneven Steven, and his other side projects include The DLF Collective and Godzilla Fragment.  His previous projects include Static Port and S.C.O.R.E.


Experimental Bass Soli II (2009)

1 Radio Free Turbulence
2 Pongeroids
3 If Electrons Could Dream
4 Acid Trip Alarm Clock
5 Danse of the Wind Furies
6 Hypnotic Torture
7 In C Lydian (for Terry Riley)
8 March of the Bureaucrats


Dark Dance Inventions (2008) for E Aubrey Andrews

1 Monolith Zombie
2 The Lost Art Of Dying Insane
3 The Amber Migrant
4 Hiroshima Whispers
5 Stones And Naked Prophecies


Iota:  A Tribute to Minimalism (2008)

1. Alejandro
2. Why Not, Frankie?
3. Samhain Song
4. Chromatic Popcorn
5. The Weaver's Dance
6. Hunting By Moonlight
7. The Prey Escapes
8. Mystics of the Left Hand Path
9. The Skeletal Skedaddle
10. The Persistence of Dreams
11. Buzzcut
12. The Wind-Down Phase
13. Captain Squeaky Rides Again
14. Twinklephase
15. Onward To Tomorrow


Urban Delayscapes (2007) UMB022

Urban Delayscapes consists of one long track, which I promise will reward the patient listener



Experimental Bass Soli (2006) UMB016

1. I Can't Say I Was Surprised
2. Sweet Sally Dee
3. Rigid Discipline
4. Unfortunately, He Was Not Out Of Kerosene
5. Small Potatoes Got Big Eyes
6. Eristocracy
7. Eleven Reasons Not To Trust Fred
8. Horsehead Nebula Jamboree
9. Time Enough For Dreaming
10. The Disaster Sandwich
11. Drunken Dancing In The Mad Moonlight
12. Shocked And Scandalized


The Golden Ratio (2004) UMB013

1 March of the Rainbow Woodpeckers
2 Kiss da Vinci
3 Juniper Julius
4 The Golden Ratio (Let Them Eat Phi)
5-9 Illuminati Suite:
I. Opus 23 (w/ Jeff "Bear" Bengston)
II. The Law of Fives
III. And Know That You Are Free (w/ Jeff "Bear" Bengston)
IV. Leviathan (w/ Funkmaster J)
V. So She Threw a Golden Apple (w/Funkmaster J)

10-14 Suite: Five Hands of Fluxx
I. For Two Players (piano and marimba)
II. For Three Players (add strings)
III. For Four Players (add timpani)
IV. For Five Players (add ocarina)
V. For Six Players (add percussion)

15 What Kind Of Mushroom Was That, Mario?
16 Solitaire
17 Requiem for a Dwarven Warrior
18 The Disgusting English Candy Drill
19 Brain Melt With Cheese
20 Obstinato
21 Half Past A Monkey's Ass
22 Stalling for Time
23 Oversoul Seven

Non Serviam (2004) UMB010

1 The Scummer
2 Shelob's Lair
3 Buff Your Wizzie With Skin Like Wood
4 Superslim (w/Ken Gregory)
5 Reverse Appearance
6 Anal Probe Concoction
7 Clavicle
8 Lightning Sister (w/ E Aubrey Andrews)
9 Definitive Infinite
10 The Last Dragon
11 Elaine Downed Memory Trips
12 Maple Leaf Rag
13 Out Of Town Top Murder Case
14 West Side Mike
15 Amazing Grace
16 Opinions Are Like Sound Holes
17 Reverse Psychiatry
18 Perseverance
19 Seeds On The Wind
20 Ambient Footwear (featuring samples from Wet Shoelaces)
21 Flies From Me (Ranted PC)
22 The Face Of His Father
23 The Star-Spangled Banner