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"Rome wasn't built in a day, but several Wet Shoelaces CDs were..."  - Confucius




Click on the name of a CD to read the lyrics to that CD.  In the case of the first three discs, libretti have been constructed for your reading pleasure.  The lyrics, when present, can be found within these libretti.  Taken together, these three libretti form a trilogy, which has been nicknamed "The Dark Angel Trilogy" by our fans.  Note that The Entropy Hot Dog Suite, The Feng Shui Algebra Symphony, Tiamat, Chameleon,  and The Dark Angel Variations are entirely instrumental, and therefore do not appear on this page.

Stanley Crummins

The Name Of Number Four

Former Utopia Is Carnage

If Gods Were Stoned

Fanfare for the Umbref King

Fear of the Dark

Laughing At Maya

Essential Water May Think

Never Mind the Velco Here's Wet Shoelaces

The Tenth Anniversary Jam

Doggy Bag Buffet