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"Rome wasn't built in a day, but several Wet Shoelaces CDs were..."  - Confucius


Fear Of The Dark (2006) UMB015

Between the years 2004 and 2006, Allen and Steve were absorbed with a two-CD project.  The first of those CDs was Fear of the Dark, which was designed to capture their dark, disturbing side.  The other side of Wet Shoelaces, the lighthearted and humorous (though definitely still twisted) side, can be heard on Laughing at Maya.

E Aubrey Andrews: tracks 2, 4 and 11, plus all poetry
Jeff Bear: tracks 5 and 9
Danu "Patches" Kelly: tracks 7 and 10
Marc Guthan: track 11

Track 1 and a remixed version of track 8 constitute the score to the film Machine Skin, by Kreg Thornley and his talented cohorts at Thunderbubble Pictures