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"Rome wasn't built in a day, but several Wet Shoelaces CDs were..."  - Confucius


The DLF Collective

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The DLF is a collective*.  It's existence is hard to explain.  It started out as people who were involved with Wet Shoelaces as occasional contributors, and was officially birthed when these same musicians came to collaborate with Steve on a recording session that Allen could not attend.  No Allen, no Wet Shoelaces.  So a new name was needed.  As this was a collaboration with E Aubrey Andrews, we decided on the name E Aubrey Andrews and the Discordian Liberation Front.  One member of the collective got cold feet about the "Liberation Front" part of our name, and we just became the DLF.  Then we made an album under the name DLF, even though Allen was a contributor.  So what's the difference?  DLF records are similar to Wet Shoelaces, but often darker, and with a more post-punk feel.

As time has progressed, the DLF has become centered around the core improvisational trio of Jeff "Bear" Bengston (pictured), Steve Gregory, and Steve Zone.


DeliriousLiquidFever (2012)

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1 Diametrically Opposed
Quantum Entanglement
Flight 19
5 Grillin'
6 Walking on Derse
7 White Whole
8 Touch It!
9 Delirious Liquid Fever
10 South Atlantic Anamoly
11 Border of the Least Likely


Number Six (2012)

1 Geosynchronous
3 Intergalactic Syllabus
4 As Night Draws On The Hunt
5 Spaceweasels
6 Haunt, Tease, Set
7 Rasta With Cheese
8 Nor'Easter
9 Scarab
10 Under-Over
11 Round Town And Back



Dystopian Suite 23 (2011)

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1 Atomic to Galactic
2 M3a1
3 Balance
4 Bahz
5 Into The Expanse 
6 Extra, Extra
7 Trio Manipesto



sandpapertrail (2008)

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  1. throughacable

  2. tigerfree

  3. whenwegettogther

  4. eye

  5. hushpuppy

  6. need

  7. hurricanebeach

  8. interrelationsoftime



The Difficult Listening Federation:  Death of the Mainframe (2006)

1 Overture
2 Not Working
3 Scattered Electrons
4 Throbfever Sweatdream
5 Uh...Hey!?!
6 Guttersnippet
7 In The Bar
8 Into The Fray
9 All We Found Was His Head
10 Meanwhile, Down In The Boiler Room
11 Lost In The Current
12 Motherboard Lullaby
13 No Help On The Way
14 Operator (Something's Burning)
15 Maha Kali's Promenade
16 Precession
17 Plumb Deep
18 Entropy
19 Breakdown
20 Over There
21 Wither
22 From The Ashes
23 Black Rain


Dancing Like Fire (2006)

1 Engine Crusher
2 Inch By Inch
3 Apocrypha Squared
4 Night Of The Living Deadheads
5 Tripping Madly, He Slips Into Ether

E Aubrey Andrews and the Discordian Liberation Front:  Enemy of the State (2003)

1 Do You Feel Dangerous Tonight? 
2 The Anti-Saviour
3 It's Been Raining In My Bones
4 Cyberchild
5 My Last Day Here 
6 On Morocco Bridge
7 Enemy Of The State



* Members of the DLF past and present:

E Aubrey Andrews


Allen Bailey

Jeff “Bear” Bengston (pictured)

Poohzen DragonBear



Steve “Bass” Gregory

Funkmaster J

Jake Michelina

Steve Zone