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"Rome wasn't built in a day, but several Wet Shoelaces CDs were..."  - Confucius





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Left to right: Steve Gregory, Allen Bailey


Step 1 :  For a fun look back at our 2 minutes of fame on TV, check out this news clip!  Big Break - Wet Shoelaces

Step 2:  The Story of Wet Shoelaces...


On March 13, 1999, Allen Bailey called Steve Gregory and asked him to come over and play with his new 4-track.  They both had every intention of making demos for Allen's 3-minute pop songs.  That never happened. 


Instead, a new project was born, one in which the rule book would be burned, and the primordial chaos would be allowed free reign.  In the ensuing years, Wet Shoelaces would upgrade their equipment to a fully-digital recording studio.  They would also both terrorize and entertain listeners with their bizarre musical antics.





1)      We LOVE to do film scores.  In fact, we have extensive experience in doing this for Kreg Thornley, a cult favorite amongst aficionados of experimental film.  Based in Atlanta , GA , Kreg’s films are by turns abstract and lyrical, dark and funny; at once meditations on modern society, and experiments into the ability of the camera to capture the details we often take for granted.  This connection has also yielded some work with Caroline Cahill, another gifted director from the Atlanta area.  In some ways, we have more cachet in Atlanta GA than we do in our hometown of Albany NY .

2)      We LOVE to do experimental recordings.  These recordings are as often off-the-cuff as they are carefully planned.  We will use literally anything to make music, occasionally including musical instruments we actually know how to play!  Steve is a gifted bassist, and often lends his talents to more “conventional” projects.  His main band is Uneven Steven, and his other side projects include The DLF Collective and Godzilla Fragment.  His previous projects include Static Port and S.C.O.R.E. Allen is quite capable on both the trumpet and guitar, and his freewheeling energy often takes the duo off into especially strange and humorous directions.  Often, we will also utilize sequencing to create complex musical passages, or a combination of free improvisation and careful editing to discover some surprising musical moments.  Our music is not for the faint of heart or commercial-minded, but it IS some of the most exciting, daring music currently being recorded.



Stanley Crummins (2000)

The Name of Number Four (2001)

Former Utopia is Carnage (2002)

If Gods Were Stoned (2003; Metroland “Best Of” Honoree {Link})

Lawn Chair Frontier (2003; Various Artists, Produced by Wet Shoelaces and Kreg Thornley)

Fanfare for the Umbref King (2003)

Nothing Is Ever Real: The Very Best Of Wet Shoelaces (2003; 2-CD Set)

The Entropy Hot Dog Suite (2004)

The Feng Shui Algebra Symphony (2006)

Fear of the Dark (2006)

Laughing At Maya (2006)

Essential Water May Think: The Duets Project (2007)

Never Mind the Velcro Here's Wet Shoelaces (2008)

Tiamat (2009)

Chameleon (2009)

The Tenth Anniversary Jam (2009)

The Dark Angel Variations (2010)

Doggy Bag Buffet: Tenth Anniversary Series Vol 3 (2010)

Dream Logic (2010)

We're Catching Up to Chicago (2012)

Suite Suite (2013)

Limbo (2015)

Centipede (2016)

Ion Breath (2016)



Film Scores (all directed by Kreg “His Royal Schkrangness” Thornley except as indicated):

The Faith Healer’s Manual for the Slightly Inebriated (end credits)

Chaos Monster and the Sun God

Fear Bear

Machine Skin

Stain Breakage: Skyscraper Primitive Blues

Zippy Plays Cupid (Allen Bailey only; directed by Caroline Cahill)

Ease Struck