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"Rome wasn't built in a day, but several Wet Shoelaces CDs were..."  - Confucius


Doggy Bag Buffet: Tenth Anniversary Series Vol 3 (2010)


Many years ago, we were approached by a guy named Kreg Thornley, who was interested in using some of our music in one of his films. One film led to another, and next thing you know we've got quite a history of collaboration with this guy.. Almost all of this music has come out on Umbref, either on the "Lawn Chair Frontier" soundtrack or scattered throughout our CDs. One score we never released was "Fear Bear". Some of this music was designed to synch to the action, but Kreg had trouble getting our track to line up with his video. Such are the pratfalls of long-distance collaboration. We prepared a less "specific" score for the final version, but always preferred our first effort. So here it is. You can also hear us playing behind the Thunderbubble logo when you first load in the Lawn Chair DVD. The logo music is available on the soundtrack CD, but it is not the only stab we took at that 8-second moment of glory. Tracks two and six on the current disc represent some of the alternate logo music we prepared for his consideration, and tracks three through five constitute the score to his later "Ease Struck" short.

When we had the idea to do the "Feng Shui Algebra Symphony", we knew we were going to have to get into sequencing. Not only was that entire album created using sequencing software, but large chunks of the next few albums were as well. Here are a few interesting compositions we've created that never otherwise found a home.

Improvisation has been, since the very first session, at the very core of what we do. And surprise, surprise, here we are, doing it again.

Our fourth CD contained a very humorous look at the so-called "War on Christmas" with an imaginary conversation between a certain fat elf and a certain Bearded Dude. It was very intentionally satirical on both sides, but at a certain point, we thought maybe Jesus deserved a chance to redeem himself, har har. So, for some crazy reason, he went off to Mount Olympus to try and join the Greek Pantheon, and then some other stuff happened, and then we got bored with the project. You can read the entire script at wetshoelaces.com, but we only got as far as recording basic mixes of six of the script's thirteen scenes. No spritual enlightenment is expressed or implied.

Wet Shoelaces is Allen Bailey and Steve Gregory, plus Kreg Thornley (lyrics, track 1), Lucy the Dog (track 2), Tina Bailey (3, 15), Jeff "Bear" Bengston (11, 17, 18), Steve Zone (14, 18), Funkmaster J (15, 17, 19), Danu "Patches" Kelly (17), Chris Flynn (17)